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Ear Candling

"Ear Candling" involves the use of a hollow candle which looks like a regular candle tube coated with wax. You gently place the candle on the entrance of the orifice of the ear and light the open end. The flame creates a relative vacuum in the ear and gently sucks out debris (toxins, old wax and fungus). This debris has accumulated and impacted over the years. This old wax and debris cannot be removed from the middle and inner year using Q -tips or washcloths. So the ear may appear clean but the impaction is deep down in the crevices of the inner ear. Ear Candling relieves pressure in the ear, nose and sinus, This in turn helps relieve allergies, headaches and migraines. Clients have also experienced relief from ear pains, sinus irritations, beneficial in returning or improving hearing loss to impacted earwax. Many people who constantly have colds and earaches have been helped by this method. The technique of Ear Candling is very soothing and relaxing, some people drift off to sleep during the process.

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$28.00 per session

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