SERVICES - (Colon Therapy)

The Colon Hygiene Procedure

A colon irrigation uses water, at body temperature to wash the large bowel.  A short speculum attached to a tube is carefully inserted into the anus.  Water is allowed to flow, under gentle pressure, into the colon in order to  cleanse the colon of toxic waste.  The colon is filled with water and  emptied repeatedly, thereby promoting proper peristaltic action.

Alternating the water temperature from warm to cool serves to increase the cleansing action and strengthens the muscular walls, which high salt and acid concentrations have weakened.  In a completely closed system, the waste is discharged through the machine and viewed through a glass observation tube.

You can expect your colon irrigation to be a gentle and comfortable procedure.  A series of colonics helps facilitate improved colon function and general all around health.

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$73.39 taxes inc. per one hour session

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