RECIPES - (Juicing)
Barbeque Sauce
Cake (Cous Cous with Fruit Kanten)
Chili (Vegetarian)
Dressing (Almond Milk)
Dressing (Avocado)
Dressing (Lemon)
Peppers (Stuffed Bell )
Salad (Lentil)
Soup (Avocado & Cauliflower Cream)
Tempeh (Barbeque Style)
The Gas Crisis (take the gas out of cooking with beans)
Liquid Aminos


Fresh Complexion Express
2 slices pineapple, with skin
1/2 cucumber
1/2 apple (seeded)

Push apple through the hopper with cucumber and apple.

Energy Shake
handful parsley
4 - 6 carrots greens removed
parsley sprig for garnish

Bunch up parsley and push through hopper with carrots. Garnish with sprig of parsley.