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Foot Sculpturing

This technique has a similar effect on the feet as Reflexology but is much more powerful. Foot Sculpturing is the most powerful technique for correcting chronic muscle disorders, circulation problems and restoring the proper balance. This technique Will make an impact on any disorder, all nerves and arteries end up in the feet. By doing this technique we wake up the whole body by reflexively stimulating all the organs and body systems. Just like reflexology, foot sculpturing works the reflex points through the foot but also works on the musculature of the foot; every muscle of the foot is relaxed, the foot is spread out.

Due to improper diet, lack of exercise and the continual presence of gravity, crystallization may form in the feet, cutting off proper circulation reflexively, and slowing down the flow of blood and energy to ally part of the body. These crystals are made of uric acid, which is a by-product from your metabolism, and lactic acid, a by-product from muscle contraction. Between the two, they can cement your feet together. Also by breaking up the crystallization you help the feet return to a more natural shape and this in turn will affect the bone structure from head to toe, realigning and reshaping the body to create proper balance. The feet are the foundation of the body.

Say good-bye to sore and tired feet!