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Facial Sculpturing
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Facial Sculpturing focuses specifically on the face to restore youthful tones and contours. Until recently, few options were available to men and women seeking a sound method to increase facial tone and colour as well as to reduce lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin - the visual signs of aging. Now, as a result of extensive research conducted by Alec Borsenko, R.M,T., a unique process of regenerative cosmetology called Facial Sculpturing is available to those who want to dramatically improve their appearance.

Aging, Beauty and Skin Tone
There comes a rime in everyone's life when their skin begins to look older - a time when they search for a way to subtract or slow down the years that nature has added. Aging tends to break down the polymeric bonding that gives young skin its fresh, smooth appearance. Poor diet and years of exposure to sun, wind and other environmental pollutants also contribute to the deterioration or skin tone. As the skin area begins to exceed the race area, bags, Colds, and wrinkles increase due to decreased circulation in the deeper muscles.

Superficial massage can only achieve superficial resulls. There is no therapeutic technique other than Facial Sculpturing that can create long - term results !!!!

Beauty is Deep in the Skin

The surface of the skin can only reflect the structures supporting it and creating it. In this advanced Body Work Therapy we penetrate the deep tissue layers of the face to restore natural tone and contour. In regular practices, this approach Is never taken just light superficial work is done). Dormant cells deep in your skin are also stimulated during this remarkable process. They become renewed and bring a new radiance to the skin's outer surface. Your skin will look fresh, glowing and healthy.

How Does This Procedure Work?
To understand how the process works, it's important that you know something about the make up of the skin. Your outer skin is made up ofseveral layers, called epidermis. Itts this outer surface that becomes rough and wrinkled mainly due to the decreased circulation caused by lactic acid and uric acid crystallization in the deeper layers causing adhesions which causes a breaking down of muscle fibers.

The by - product of muscle contraction is lactic acid and the by - product of metabolism is uric acid. These two by - products will crystallize in the tendons, ligaments and deeper muscles in the dermis, causing a build - up of waste products which results in a decrease of oxygen and nutrition for deeper structures because decreased circulation causes scar tissue to form. To increase circulation in the superficial muscles, we must remove the crystallization and scar tissue in the deeper layers before the elasticity of the superficial structures returns, thus preventing premature aging. Did you ever notice how the deeper muscles are too tight and the superficial ones are too loose? We must restore balance.

By using a transverse manipulation on the origin and insertion ofthe deeper tendons and ligaments we can release the whole muscle bundle. The origin and insertion is where the tendon or ligament attaches onto.the bone. So what is a tendon? Well, it's part of the muscle on either end ofthe muscle belly that attaches itself to the bone. Now let me ask you another question. With continual contraction of our muscles, where do you think the most stress would be? In the muscle belly or in the most stressed place? That's right, at the end where it's tied! The tendons get the most stress, so they become matted with scar tissue and crystallization. So if that's true, then why does the tension or spasm build up in the muscle belly? This reaction is a protective device for the tendon. If the belly stays contracted it cuts down on the range of mon'on: this cuts down on the movement of the muscle which in turn protects the tendons from any crystallization.

So the final conclusion is: work deep so that you reach the insertion and origin of the tendons and ligaments. This in turn will reflexively release the muscle tension and spasm of the muscle belly, which was only there as a protective device in the first place. Try this reel your face - that's right, the superficial muscles or upper muscles are loose. Now feel the deeper layers, they are too tight. So let's tighten the upper muscles by softening the lower muscles: this is called proper muscle tone, or otherwise now you have muscular balance.

Another problem with tense muscles is bone displacement. Do bones pull muscles out of place or do muscles pull bones out of place? If we work on the deeper muscles, tendons and ligaments of the face we can change the structure to a more youthful look.

Facial Sculpturing helps against:
1.  Degeneration ofthe dermis which is the root offacial deterioration
2. Migraines
3.  Sinusitis
4.  Facial tension
5.  Temple Mandibular Joint problems
6.  Eye strain
7.  Acne
8.  Scar Tissue and Surface Acne Scars
9.  Trigerminal Neuralgia
10. Age Spots - Uneven Complexion
11. Wrinkles, Frown and Worry Lines
12.  Throat Problems
13. Creases and Sagging Skin

We set the standards in Facial Care! Where facials stop, Facial Sculpturing Begins!